freestyle-fitnessFreestyle Fitness is Evolve’s own concept in modern fitness training. These sessions are designed to really help you prepare for your next Obstacle Course Race challenge.

OCT (Obstacle Course Training) is a fun but tough Strength & Conditioning session designed to get you fit and ready for the a real obstacle course race! Sessions involve Jumping, Climbing , Crawling, Leaping and Running and will improve Strength, Speed, Agility and Power.

Coached by Brian Hirst who is highly experienced in competing in and training others for OCR’s these sessions are capped at 10 participants and last an hour each session.

It is advisable to take in some of our Parkour classes to build the agility and skill to negotiate some of the challenges in OCR’s but Freestyle Fitness will help you develop the necessary endurance, strength and mental toughness to push through your comfort zone and be your best in your first, or next, OCR challenge.

Evolve is the only OCR training facility in the North of England.



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