Evolve hosts regular events onsite as well as taking part in various events all around the UK and Ireland.

Onsite events include performance showcases where members will perform freestyle and choreographed routines in front of audiences made up mainly of friends and relatives. These regular social events are friendly and enjoyable for spectators with refreshments available and give our younger members the opportunity to train with purpose and perform in a familiar environment helping to develop their personal, social and emotional skills. Held seasonally throughout the year and often coinciding with our holiday camps these events really underpin the community aspect to Evolve.

Other onsite events include sports competitions such as Muay Thai/Kickboxing events during which members from Evolve and other gyms will compete against each other in full contact combat sport competition at various levels. These shows attract crowds of several hundred spectators and are licenced with food and alcohol available throughout.

Offsite, Team Evolve have been instrumental at many events over the years from product launches to festivals, sporting events and even events especially for kids fascinated with the Digital worlds of Minecraft and YouTube.

For more information about being part of one of our events or having Team Evolve at your event, please get in touch using or 0161 877 8657.

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