ITS OFFICIAL!! Evolve now has a fantastic new home just around the corner at Unit A Sundance Court, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2GZ.

We look forward to seeing you there soon for Parkour, Freestyle Fitness, and Muay Thai.


This weekend coming up (5/6/7 May) The Evolve Stunt And Performance Team will be showcasing some of their exceptional and amazing skills and talents to bring a ‘Hero Moment’ to Selfridges Trafford Centre Store.
The premium retail outlet, which includes outlets for brands such as Armani, Belstaff, Yo Sushi and DKNY, approached us here at Evolve as they wanted something extra special to bring lots of attention to the launch of the campaign that spans across the store and encourages the public to be more active and interested in health, wellness and being the best version of themselves they can be.

An important aspect of the Selfridges core values are to ‘surprise, amaze and amuse’ and using the beautiful double staircase in the store as their working area, Tom Redfern, Adam Smith, Adam Poposwki and Luke Taylor with support from choreographer Eddie Swift have devised a performance which is guaranteed to do just that.
Performing on the Evolve Stunt Team for the first time, Evolve calisthenics king Luke Taylor expressed his excitement at the opportunity and for the performance routine.
“I have trained really hard for over three years now and have been working at Evolve for almost a year too. We all know each other really well and work together well too. I am really looking forward to showcasing my talents to the general public and I’m really happy to be part of a perfor4mnce with my team mates. The finished product is going to be amazing and we would really like as much support as possible for this.”

The short, exciting performances will take place at Selfridges in The Trafford Centre at the following times:
FRIDAY 6TH: 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800
SATURDAY 7th: 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800
SUNDAY 8th: 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800


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Spring is here and new life is forming. Plants and trees are to start blooming fresh flowers and bear new fruit, the forest is flourishing once again and the animals are coming out of hibernation and partnering up ready to bring new life into the world.

2015 was a wintery period for Evolve, our roots were being pulled and we had to work hard to keep ourselves firmly in the ground. We suffered some setbacks and had to club together, find real strength to survive the bleak and harsh conditions. We stripped ourselves to the bare branches and densified our trunk ready to grow again.

And now a new spring is here for Evolve and we are delighted to announce that we have secured a lease on a new gym premises just across the way in MediaCityUK, the heart of a developing new Salford.

The new premises has over 5000sqft of space and will be home to a whole host of sports and activities including:

PARKOUR/FREERUNNING: The main area will be a Parkour/Freerunning park with technical features and different levels to keep your emerging skills developing. Expect some kit you’ve already seen and some new kit too with the addition of tricking to the ‘Art Of Motion’ timetable.

AERIAL: The upside down crowd will be delighted to discover that not only will there will be even more stuff hanging from the rafters but the trapeze and silks will now be joined by hoops too and the best news is that the new improved Evolve is much higher than our current home so you will be able to get right into the Gods and drop like an angel/bat whichever you prefer.

COMBAT: Due to incredibly high demand, combat sports will make a welcome return to Evolve. Muay Thai will feature highly, keeping true to Evolve’s original core values and there may well be some new additions or even some familiar faces making a reappearance. The focus will be on learning, fitness, and personal development but there will be some competitive fighters too.

FITNESS AND CONDITIONING: These disciplines have always been integral to Evolve’s core values and the provision for fitness and conditioning will be improved. We will be steering clear of bars and ‘bells and focusing on using Parkour, aerial skills and some of the less traditional pieces that we pioneered nearly six years ago to help you build strength, speed, stamina and flexibility as well as prepping your body for whatever your end outcome is-Obstacle Course Races, Combat competition, Stunt work, Performance or just keeping up with your daily work and family life!

MORE: There will be some new stuff going on too which we will be announcing in due course and the facility will be officially used as an event space, inspired by the underground events we organised and hosted back in the Worrall St days (who remembers Candy Walk’s warehouse party in November 2013?).

The whole team here at Evolve Towers is over the moon that our hard work is paying off and we our deepest gratitude to you for your support and good blessings so far as well as that which you will bring in the future too. Just like in the forest a tree doesn’t grow alone, it needs symbiosis and many organisms feed into and from the whole forest system. There will be opportunity for us to grow and develop together.

Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram (evolve_mcr) facebook (evolve Manchester), Twitter (Evolvemcr) as well as our website news page (evolvemanchester.com/news) to find out when we will be fully live and unleashed in the new space as well as details of some special offers to get you (re)started……

Best, Phil Hanna.



The final release for this weeks Chinese New Year celebration performances is ten year old Oscar Fahy who will complete the cheeky monkey four piece to celebrate Year Of The Monkey.

Coming straight out of Romily, Oscar is sports mad and also enjoys skiing, football and watersports.

Training with his younger brother George, Oscar takes his learning at Evolve and practices regularly at home honing his skills on his trampoline bringing his best to Evolve every time.

Oscar will be partnered up with Phil Ashcroft for CNY and you can see the whole team perform THIS THURSDAY in Exchange Square between 1600 and 1900. You can also take part in our public engagement workshops on Friday and Saturday and watch our pop-up performances on Saturday around the City Centre too.



Eleven year old Jim Scott is the third release for our Cheeky Monkey aspect of the Chinese New Year Manchester performance team.

Travelling all the way from Saddleworth to train at Evolve regularly Jim is a keen free runner and also enjoys snorkelling and Assassins Creed.

Although he has only trained at Evolve for around 6 months Jim has a smooth delivery of his Parkour and has impressive vaults particularly lazy and kong vaults.

Our coaches were particularly impressed when Jim attended some of our outdoor sessions last summer.

Jim is partnered up with Tom for this performance and you will have the opportunity to see the ten perform on Thursday 4th February in Exchange Square as well as in some pop up locations in the City Centre on Saturday 6th February.



The first release from the junior squad for Chinese New Year Manchester (affectionately called The Cheeky Monkeys) is Louis Mcmanus.

As soon as we were commissioned to do the piece of work and the idea of having some youngsters on the team Louis was a natural choice.

Always smiling and always pushing his boundaries of capability, thirteen year old Louis hails from Bolton and brings an immense energy to the gym when he is training.

With interests in a range of sports and activities Louis has been renowned among his family and friends for his monkey antics since being a young child.

Interests outside of sport include art and animation but Parkour is definitely Louis’ first teenage love!!

Excelling at diving kongs and dash vaults Louis will be partnering up with Adam ‘Smiffy’ Smith for his role in CNY.

You can see Louis and the rest of the CNY Year Of The Monkey team perform on Thursday 4th Feb between 1600 and 1900 in Exchange Square in Manchester City Centre or come down and train with him on Saturdays 1400-1600 and Wednesdays 1800-2000.



Our next release for Chinese New Year Manchester performance is our Tricking and Freerunning coach Phil Ashcroft.

Phil has been developing his skill base for many years now in various sports and physical disciplines and has been training at Evolve for nearly three years now since our days at Worrall St. He began support coaching as we moved to Media City UK and is now an important part of both the stunt team and the working team too.
Affectionately known as ‘Grandad’ partly because he’s the oldest member of the stunt team, but also because the other team members look up to him and take guidance from him in various ways.

His hard work and commitment to his own development paid off dividends last year with his achievements as part of the Ninja Warrior UK show which you can see this Saturday at 1900 on ITV.

This will be Grandad’s first outing as part of the Evolve Stunt And Performance Team.

You can see Phil and the other CNY team members perform on Feb 4th between 1600 and 1900 in Exchange Square (Manchester) outside Selfridges.



Evolve’s only currently active Muay Thai fighter Faolan Hanna is scheduled to take on his second N-class opponent on Dean White’s show in Yorkshire on March 6th.

Faolan, pictured left) has been training Muay Thai since moving to Manchester in June 2015 specifically to learn the Art Of Eight Limbs with his cousin and Evolve owner Phil Hanna. Faolan, 20, previously fought on K-Stars gym show in September 2015 and drew a tough bout against an older opponent. This first bout was a significant learning experience for Faolan and he has been developing himself since.

A strong focus on fitness, strength and conditioning is always the Modus Operanda for Evolve athletes but Hanna has been hard at work on the mats too, working on his all round stand up game with training partners who include Evolve fighter English and Champion Gray Kuebruwa.

Looking to use this outing to cement his place as a new fighter to watch out for on the UK scene Faolan stated, “I’m training really hard for this and I want the win. It is the most important thing in my life.”

The show will feature bouts all the way through from novice to full Thai rules which allows punches, kicks knees and elbows to the head and body.



The next release for the Chinese New Year Manchester launch performance is. Another core member of the Evolve Stunt and Performance Team.
Adam has been training Parkour/Freerunning for five years, starting together with Powski, and has been at Evolve since our Worrall St days.
‘Smiffy’ is a cheeky character, completely fearless and although not the noisiest member of the team he is certainly one of the figures who pushes the creative boundaries simply because of how hard he pushes himself.
Recenty he has been working on insane flips using the foam pit at Evolve and has mastered a 360 dive roll which may well get put into the CNYMCR16 choreography.
Also from Bury, Adam can be seen loitering with intent to amaze you at Evolve and regular visits Burrs Country Park keep him developing too. His other interests include home chemistry (brewing cider), other action sports and VW cars-his yellow Lupo being one of the growing cavalry of modded cars to be parked outside Evolve regularly.
Adam will be performing on Thursday February 4th as part of Chinese Year Of the Monkey celebrations in Manchester.

DSC_0329 1


The first member of our team for the Chinese New Year Launch Celebrations will be @Adam Popowski.

‘Powski’ has been training at Evolve since we moved to MediaCityUK​ and has been training parkour/freerunning for 5 years.

Adam was a part of the Reon team last year and is a significant part of the Evolve Stunt And Performance Team.

His Parkour style is smooth as he glides and flips around effortlessly.

Hailing from Bury 20 year old Powski is known for always training in jeans and looking like a manga character and is studying at Bolton University towards a career in illustration and animation and likes Marvel Comics and characters.

adam popowski action


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